Our first software release at CMCL in a work-from-home mode! The 2020.1 version of our toolkits include new features, enhancements to existing features, bug fixes and UI improvements.

In addition to support for serverless licensing options with the LM-X Licence Manager, new additions for our three toolkits include:

kinetics & SRM Engine Suite

• New Post-processing reactor model for application of detailed population balance models
• Updated UI workflow for imposed profile parameters
• Improved User Manual structure

Model Development Suite (MoDS)

• New CI and SI engine calibration-validation workflows tailored for integration with the kinetics & SRM Engine Suite
• Dedicated parameter estimation/calibration workflows
• Improved clustering algorithms to enhance model calibration workflows
• Dedicated surrogate model generation workflow
• Improved Auto-Tuned Deep Kernel Learning (Gaussian processes + Neural Networks)
• Workflow for model validation against new data (blind-testing)

CMCL Explorer

• Grid plots to visualise high dimensional surrogates
• New Templates for sampling, calibration data, reactors, engines, etc.

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