Universal Digital Twin investigates geospatially-resolved impact of using heat pumps on fuel poverty across the UK.

Results of the collaborative research on the impact of using heat pumps on fuel poverty and social inequality across the UK have been published online. We are proud to collaborate with the University of Cambridge, CARES and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for this multi-disciplinary impact assessment.

The work integrates multi-domain information from the “base world” of the Universal Digital Twin, a dynamic Knowledge Graph approach. It estimates temporal and geospatial coefficients of performance of heat pumps, and assesses carbon emissions as well as the effects on costs and fuel poverty.

As a result of the research, the regional and geographical diversity of impact on social inequality have also been identified. The work provides an enabler for forecasting fuel poverty to support policy interventions.

Read an open-access copy of the paper here. Contact us to know more about our solutions using UDT.