We are delighted to share that CMCL Innovations has been selected to join the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) project. The project aims at delivering a digital twin that connects data across multiple infrastructure domains such as water, telecoms and power networks, in order to help improve resilience measures across critical infrastructure.

Dr Jethro Akroyd, CMCL’s Principal Engineer highlights that, “this work offers an excellent opportunity for CMCL to collaborate in the development of the National Digital Twin using a dynamic Knowledge Graph approach and demonstrate cross-domain interoperability, working alongside the domain and digitalisation experts from the CReDo project.”

With the start of the crucial COP26 summit in Glasgow, the CReDo team will hold a webinar on 2nd of November 2021. Join the panel of technical experts, asset owners and climate specialists to learn about the project and participate in the launch of a short film by BAFTA award winning director Colin O’Toole, and an interactive tool showing how connected digital twins create infrastructure resilience.

Join us at the event to hear more! Register here.

Read More about CReDo here.