Combining its strong technical expertise with a systematic and agile project management style has helped the company lead and deliver a variety of consortia and collaborative R&D projects.

Our project management services comprise planning, scheduling and controlling the tasks in order to achieve the project aims on time- and on-budget. The projects team’s expertise includes project risk management, financial and budget analysis, liaison between project partners and with customers (including funding organisations), project reporting, and monitoring progress against deliverables and milestone plans.


Selected Project Examples

TESBiC: Techno-Economic Analysis of Biomass to Power with CO2 Capture (1.0 and 2.0)

Customer: Energy Technologies Institute [2011-2013]

Consortium: CMCL Innovations, EDF Energy, Doosan Power Systems, Alstom Boiler France, E4tech, Imperial College London, University of Leeds and University of Cambridge

Technical focus: co-fired biomass and coal based power generation, CO2 capture, process systems engineering, techno-economic analysis, surrogate model generation, optimisation and forecasting


C-FAST: Carbon Negative fuels from Algal and Solar Technologies

Type: Innovative collaborative R&D project

Customer: Innovate UK [2012-2013]

Role: Project Lead and Project Management

Technical focus: Synthesis of carbon-negative fuels and nutraceuticals, concentrated solar power, algal photobioreactors, Fischer-Tropsch, gasification

Consortium: CMCL Innovations and University of Cambridge


ACUTEC: Assessing CO2 Capture and Utilisation Pathways

Type: Contractual technical services

Customer: European Commission JRC IET

Role: Project coordination and management

Technical focus: CO2 capture and utillisation, methanol, polyurethanes, formic acid, cement, urea and mineralisation, process flow models, cost analysis, pricing and market evolution.

Team: CMCL Innovations and Imperial College London