We are a multi-award-winning company offering advanced computational modelling solutions to solve engineering challenges in energy, automotive, chemical, and materials industries. We have a portfolio of advanced simulation technologies for application within the energy sector. Our tools enable greater insight as well as swift and robust optimisation of processes such as power-plant operation, fossil fuels, plant derived biofuels, algal fuels, combustion, and emissions aftertreatment. We also offer our software technologies directly to our customers on a licensed basis as well as carrying out technical and strategic consulting services in these areas.

At present, we are actively involved in several R&D projects with our industrial and academic partners, including government co-funded collaborative initiatives.



This kinetics chemical model builder simplifies the experience of building, designing, maintaining, and applying chemical kinetics reaction models to engineering applications in the automotive/non-road, energy, and chemical processing industries. The kinetics tool enables customers to design and develop their own solutions in an efficient, intuitive, and flexible environment. Read more about kinetics here.