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Steel Section Mill

Machine Learning algorithms within the MoDS Agent applied to evaluate mechanical
properties of steel H-beams in a Section Mill as part of H2020 OntoTrans Project

Data for Policy 2021 Conference

CMCL’s director and co-founder, Professor Markus Kraft, presented the
“A Universal Digital Twin – the World Avatar Project” at the
National Digital Twin Gemini call on 21 September 2021.

Data for Policy 2021 Conference

CMCL will present at the Data for Policy conference, 14-16 Sept 2021. The talk covers
“A knowledge-graph approach to cross-domain data integration – implications for planning”,
followed by a panel discussion about our collaborative KG work.

Webinar on Intelligent Decarbonisation

Prof. Markus Kraft, CMCL’s Director and co-founder, and Prof. Oliver Inderwildi,
Executive Director of the Forum for Climate and Global Change, will give talks based
on their upcoming book in a webinar on Intelligent Decarbonisation.

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CMCL Innovations is an award-winning, R&D-driven company offering practical digital engineering solutions for complex industrial problems. For over a decade, we have continued to learn and deliver innovative solutions in areas spanning decarbonisation, energy conversion, emissions reduction, air quality, materials and process design, urbanisation and mobility.


Enables design and application of gas phase and surface chemistry within reactor models

SRM Engine Suite

Simulates fuels, combustion modes and gas phase and particulate emissions IC engines


Assists any model development with simulation-based design and advanced statistical analysis

CMCL Explorer

Advanced, customisable post-processing visualisations with configurable style & export options