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Smart 50 Award

CMCL and CMPG's district heating optimisation work was judged to be a
transformative smart project, improving quality of life through data

CReDo Hybrid Event

The latest iteration of the CReDo visualisation was successfully displayed by CMCL
at a hybrid event, held online and at the Connected Places Catapult offices in London.
Thank you to the organisers of this fantastic event.

DOME 4.0 Industry Open Day and Hackathon - Bologna

A super productive week of collaboration, learning and
problem-solving, including contributions from leading industries,
start-ups, academia and research laboratories!

CReDO Gears up for new phase

CMCL excited to be selected as the development
partner for CReDo New Phase.

Innovation award

The World Avatar (TWA) has been judged to be in the top 15% of submitted technologies at the 2022 Defense TechConnect conference.

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CMCL is an award-winning, R&D-driven company offering practical digital engineering solutions for complex industrial problems. For over a decade, we have continued to learn and deliver innovative solutions in areas spanning decarbonisation, energy conversion, emissions reduction, air quality, materials and process design, urbanisation and mobility.

Our research on The World Avatar forms the basis of our mission to solve the data and information silo problems by enabling interoperability in data, software and domains (sectors) for effective decision support. Engage with us with your cross-sector challenges!

In addition to cross-domain digitalisation, we also develop domain-specific as well as bespoke software for the industry. Our all-encompassing Universal Digital Twin framework also enables software (including 3rd party products) to be interoperable.


Enables design and application of gas phase and surface chemistry within reactor models

SRM Engine Suite

Simulates fuels, combustion modes and gas phase and particulate emissions IC engines


Assists any model development with simulation-based design and advanced statistical analysis

CMCL Explorer

Advanced, customisable post-processing visualisations with configurable style & export options