CMCL is a multi-award-winning company offering advanced simulation solutions to solve engineering challenges in the automotive powertrain sectors. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with the technical challenges associated with the development of powertrain systems right from single cylinder research engines to the largest multi-cylinder marine, and power-gen applications.

We have developed a portfolio of digital engineering workflows for application within the automotive industry, that can help reduce costs and development time for our customers through introduction of “thermodynamic digital twins”. Our toolkits enable greater insight as well as swift and robust optimisation of powertrain systems for fuels, combustion, performance, and gas phase as well as particulate emissions.

We also offer our software suites directly to our customers on a licensed basis as well as carrying out technical and strategic consultancy services in these areas. We have been actively involved in world-class research and development for over a decade. During this time, we have built-up a strong network of partners in both commercial and academic research.
At present, we are actively involved in several R&D projects with our industrial and academic partners, including government co-funded collaborative initiatives. See our Collaborations page for more detailed information.


SRM Engine Suite

The SRM Engine Suite is a digital engineering design tool for simulating the performance and exhaust gas emissions of internal combustion engines. Example applications include motorcycles, passenger cars, motorsport, trucks, locomotives, marine and power generation. Through integrating the SRM Engine Suite, our growing customer base has benefited by adding a well-validated, robust and state-of-the-art library of models to their design process enabling unrivalled optimisation of fuel characteristics, engine design and control parameters. Read more about it here.

The APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre) ASCENT project is a collaboration between Perkins Engines Company Limited, CMCL, Loughborough University and Imperial College London. Perkins (the U.K subsidiary of Caterpillar) are developing new diesel engines which have to deliver improved fuel consumption to their customers whilst meeting various emissions standards in markets worldwide. Our role in the project is to use the SRM Engine Suite to predict exhaust gas emissions from these engines, particularly CO, NOx, and soot.

The ProtoDrive project aims to develop a software tool for the rapid concept design of hybrid electric vehicle systems. The process allows the designer to rapidly carry out highly productive investigations at the initial concept design stage of the driveline, when the greatest influence can be brought to bear on the outcome. Primarily, the tool enables modelling the effect of varying the balance between electric power and conventional power