Smart Cities Connect Spring 2023

Our CEO Dr Amit Bhave attended the Smart Cities Connect conference in Denver this May, where he presented our work on The World Avatar.

The use cases discussed at the event ranged from materials and built infrastructure to climate adaptation, port city air quality and heat pumps.

We were presented with the Smart 50 award for our work on Smart District Heating Networks in Pirmasens, which CMPG are building upon.

Many thanks to the City of Denver for hosting the event!

ChemUK 2023

Our Business Development Manager, Toby Greenwood, returned to his University city of Birmingham to attend ChemUK 2023, held at the NEC on the 10th of May.

Key topics discussed at the conference included the resilience of chemical supply chains, advances in drug R&D through Machine Learning, and the benefits of removing data silos to collaborate across disciplines.

Enabling interoperability is key to unlocking new value in the chemicals industry, and we will continue to develop The World Avatar using our experience in the area.

The EMMC International Workshop 2023

CMCL has been invited to present at the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) International Workshop 2023, to be held on 26-28 April 2023 in Vienna, Austria. We will present “Building the world ground up: a software journey” in the “Software as part of the Knowledge Value Chain: From Thermodynamics EoS to AI driven ChemInformatics” session of the event on 27th April 2023.

Dr Bijan Yadollahi, our Research & Innovation Manager will share some of the insights from our journey as an R&D-driven software developer, covering the integrated digital workflow of physico-chemical models with data-driven analytics, combining features from kinetics, SRM Engine Suite, and MoDS software.

He will also talk about our research journey through enabling semantic interoperability via the development of The World Avatar applied to host of use cases from connected regional digital twins for climate resilience to maritime air quality, metal organic polyhedra and lab automation. Find the agenda and read more about the event here.

OntoCommons Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Data and Ontologies Workshop

In its role as the coordinator of the Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME 4.0) project supported by EU Horizon 2020, CMCL has been invited to present at “Towards Materials and Manufacturing Commons – the enablers Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Principles and Ontologies”. This is a hybrid event organised by the OntoCommons project, held in Berlin (Germany) on 4-6 April 2023.

Dr Amit Bhave, CMCL’s CEO and co-founder, will present some of the recent project findings on enabling interoperability, data ecosystem, facilitating FAIR principles as well as data documentation and standardisation in multiple sessions of the event, including stand-alone and shared presentations and hands-on Q&A Session on digital marketplaces.

Find the agenda and read more about the event here.

iDMT Learning Lab: Digitalising Chemistry

On Wednesday 29th March, Dr Amit Bhave attended an in-person interactive workshop run by the Innovation Centre in Digital Molecular Technologies (iDMT) based in Cambridge.

With Cambridge CARES student Jiaru Bai, they delivered a presentation on ‘Data Management and Knowledge Graphs’ and included a demonstration of our collaborative work on laboratory automation.

We look forward to continuing our engagement with the iDMT team, led by Professor Alexei Lapkin.

CReDo Live Demonstration in London

On Tuesday 7th March, Dr Jethro Akroyd performed a live demonstration of the new CReDo visualisation tool in front of hundreds of in-person and online attendees.

Our CEO, Dr Amit Bhave, also attended to answer questions from attendees and to discuss the potential future applications of the tool.

We are very excited to see where this high-profile project goes in the future.

CMCL exhibiting at the 47th Annual Paviors’ Lecture

At the 47th Annual Paviors’ Conference (15th Feb at Imperial College London), Mark Enzer OBE will deliver a talk on ‘Enabling a data and digital transformation’.

CMCL will be exhibiting as part of the event. Toby Greenwood, our Business Development Manager will be presenting some of our selected cross-sector connected digital twin use cases and engaging with the engineering students and attendees. Find out more about the event here.

Virtual Energy System Conference 2023

CMCL will be attending the Virtual Energy Systems conference, held by National Grid ESO, to discuss the development of a real-time replica of the energy landscape.

We have a strong interest in the development of data-sharing frameworks, and are looking forward to the event.