On-going staff development is critical in enhancing their technical knowledge and skills,  thus ensuring high productivity of the workforce. We provide teaching and training to our customers in the following areas;

  • IC engine combustion and emissions formation
  • Surface chemistry and exhaust after-treatment
  • Chemical kinetics – from fundamentals to practical applications
  • Alternative fuelling concepts: biofuels, hydrogen, CNG, fuel-blends and dual fuels
  • Autoignition, pre-ignition, knock in IC engines
  • Coal and biomass based power generation
  • CCS, CCU: CO2 capture, utilisation and storage
  • Data-driven modelling,  uncertainty propagation analysis and surrogate model development
  • Optimisation and design of experiments (DoE)

Selected examples of our Training Events

  • A 2-day “classroom teaching and a hands-on digital lab-based technical training” for a post-graduate degree level focusing on the modelling of fuels, combustion and emissions in IC engine applications: IFP School (France), Cambridge University (UK)
  • A 1- and/or 2-day day on-site (at CMCL) digital engineering laboratory entitled, “Physics-based multi-cycle engine simulations”
  • A 1-day client-site technical training module for OEM engineers: Utilising chemical kinetics for powertrain engineering (Engine-out and tailpipe after-treatment) applications – delivered at JLR, Toyota, Caterpillar, Navistar etc.
  • International Energy Agency (IEA) GHG Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Summer School 2013: Techno-economics of Biomass for Power generation with CCS
  • Advanced IC engine modelling: ECO-Engines 2006 Summer School, France
  • A web-based 1h training on CMCL’s software products and technical services is available on demand. To book a slot, please get in touch via our Contact page