Our modelling technologies kinetics & SRM Engine Suite are fully fuel flexible, where detailed chemical models can be employed to tackle engineering challenges. Customers can create thermodynamic digital twins through our software tools and have the freedom to adopt different type of fuels by simply changing the fuel models. Each of our software tools are developed as “physics based” simulation tools, hence they are robust and effective for conventional and non-conventional simulation challenges.

Our customers have benefited from adopting our simulation tools for many applications such as the energy and powertrain sectors in terms of spark ignition, diesel, or advanced combustion modes. We also have advanced techniques in developing fuel models for complex fuel blends as well as the mixing of alternative and conventional fuels.


Typical Projects

  • Development of advanced fuel-oxidation models for any fuel
  • Combustion simulations of conventionally fuelled technologies
  • Advanced simulations of alternative fuels such as hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol, methanol, biofuels/gas etc.
  • Operating limits, knocking, pre-ignition, misfire detection etc.
  • Examining fuel characteristics
  • Development of synthetic fuels models
  • Computation of key fuel characteristics such as octane numbers, ignition limits etc.
  • Life cycle and well-to-wheel analysis