The SRM Engine Suite software contains advanced combustion models specifically for application to Compression Ignition (CI) engine combustion. These models can be used to investigate direction injection, the ignition process/auto-ignition, non-premixed turbulent combustion and in-cylinder emissions including soot formation.


Major Benefits

  • Predictive simulations combining both the ignition and non-premixed combustion regimes
  • Crank angle resolved combustion characteristics (heat release rate, combustion phasing and duration, and in-cylinder pressure)
  • Capable of simulating user-provided fuel model. e.g. conventional (diesel and gasoline) as well as alternative (natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel) fuels
  • Thermal Analysis and predictions of exhaust gas temperatures
  • Multiple direct injection events, including pilot injection and rate profiles
  • Impact of injection pressure on combustion characteristics and exhaust gas emissions
  • Crank angle resolved evolution of chemical species including intermediates (OH, formaldehyde) and all emissions (CO, HC, NOx and soot)
  • Integrated detailed soot model: Detailed population balance soot (PBS) model enables calculation of soot morphology, composition and detailed particle size distribution

Validation for heavy duty applications

Screenshot of Diesel combustion tutorial