Coupling our software solvers and reactors with 3rd party software tools is carried out using our API (Application Programming Interface).

This expands the capability of computational 1D or 3D thermodynamic simulation tool and fluid dynamic codes to be applied together with the state-of-the-art chemistry solvers, chemical kinetic mechanisms and combustion analysis of kinetics & SRM Engine Suite.



  • Pre-compiled plug-ins for coupling the SRM Engine Suite with 1D thermodynamic tools (such as GT-Power, Ricardo WAVE and AVL BOOST)
  • User access to the SRM Engine Suite for user defined coupling routines with 1D thermodynamic tools and 3D CFD
  • Access to the full set of advanced reactors available from within the kinetics tool
  • Access to the library for the analysis of gas-phase chemical kinetics
  • Access to libraries containing polynomial fits to temperature for species enthalpy, specific heat, and entropy.
  • A well designed, common set of libraries for ease of use
  • Example cases provided with technical support
  • A single seat licence can be applied in multi-processor mode (MPI) for running in parallel.


Example Interfaces

  • Seam-less, “drag & drop” (pre-complied, with less than two-minute set-up) interfaces including example maps for GT-Power, Ricardo WAVE and AVL BOOST.
  • GT-Power, Ricardo WAVE and AVL BOOST can also be coupled in user customised ways using our API
  • Other 3rd party tools: User routines in the MATLAB, FORTRAN and C++ programming languages have all been demonstrated and are available with our installer.

An example SRM/GT-Power Coupling

An example SRM/Ricardo WAVE coupling