The SRM Engine Suite software contains advanced combustion models specifically for the application to Spark Ignition (SI) engine combustion.

These models can be used to study direct injection, SI turbulent flame propagation, cycle-to-cycle variations, in-cylinder emissions and autoignition chemistry that leads to engine knock.

The output in terms of soot mass and particle number (PN) from the application of the SRM Engine Suite applied to GDI SI engine


Major Benefits

  • Predictive pre-mixed turbulent flame propagation and fully coupled end gas autoignition.
  • Semi-empirical flame propagation sub-models
  • Cycle-to-cycle variation simulations
  • Crank angle resolved combustion characteristics (heat release rate, combustion phasing and duration, and in-cylinder pressure)
  • Capable of simulating user-provided fuel models. e.g. conventional (diesel and gasoline) as well as alternative (natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel) fuels
  • Thermal Analysis and predictions of exhaust gas temperatures
  • Multiple injection including during negative valve overlap
  • Crank angle resolved evolution of chemical species including intermediates (OH, formaldehyde) and all emissions (CO, HC, NOx and soot)
  • Integrated detailed soot model: Detailed population balance soot model enables calculation of soot morphology, composition and detailed particle size distribution