CMCL Innovations is an multi-award winning company offering advanced computational modelling solutions to solve engineering challenges in energy, automotive, chemical, and materials industries. In addition to our work in the chemicals, energy, and automotive industries, we also offer consulting and software to help users gain more analytical insight from their own proprietary models.

Our tools enable users to fully exploit their models, simulators, or computer aided engineering tools (CAEs) through the application of an advanced suite of numerical and statistical tools. This process has been simplified through an new and intuitive user interface designed by our team around the needs and requirements of engineers, scientists, and decision makers. At present, we are actively involved in several R&D projects with our industrial and academic partners, including government co-funded collaborative initiatives.



Our Model Development Suite (MoDS) software allows users to ease the automation of robust and technically challenging statistical analyses, and can be used to highlight key trends and predictions in applications across multiple disciplines. Read more about MoDS here.

The APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre) ASCENT project is a collaboration between Perkins Engines Company Limited, CMCL Innovations, Loughborough University and Imperial College London. Perkins (the U.K subsidiary of Caterpillar) are developing new diesel engines which have to deliver improved fuel consumption to their customers whilst meeting various emissions standards in markets worldwide. MoDS is used to automatically calibrate the SRM input parameters such that it can reproduce the experimental data provided by Perkins as accurately as possible.

The aim of the IMPACT project is to enable the realisation of a more efficient and compact Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) powertrain with the use of a magnetic CVT (MAGSPLITⓇ from Magnomatics). This integrates a magnetic planetary gear and a highly efficient control motor/generator. This project is a collaboration between Changan UK, Magnomatics, CMCL, Romax Technologies and the University of Sheffield. CMCL’s role is to use the SRM Engine Suite with MoDS to provide engine efficiency and torque characteristics across the engine operating window.