MoDS offers automated model calibration and uncertainty analysis tools ready for your application. Finding the most suitable, robust and realistic set of model parameters for your model or CAE tool is an important and time-consuming aspect of the model development/application process. This process is simplified and accelerated through a combination of automation and multi-threading when using the MoDS software. In addition, any uncertainties associated with the model parameters or underlying experimental data (used to identify these parameters) can be analysis using the software.


Finding the best parameters for a model or CAE tool can be a challenging and time-consuming task.  MoDS provides fast and flexible automated parameter estimation, together with uncertainty analysis to help you get the best out of your model.

  • A variety of optimisation algorithms are available, enabling you to tailor the calibration process to your model and data.
  • Parallelisation via MPI keeps computing time low whilst calibrating against multiple experimental datasets simultaneously.
  • MoDS accounts for uncertainties in the experimental data and provides robust confidence intervals for each model parameter.