Integrated Workflow for Calibration and Validation to Evaluate Emissions and Particulates

ICEs are an important part of the future propulsion and energy mix, particularly in non-road or marine sectors, but also in HEVs. New designs (including prechamber), operating modes (e.g. HCCI) and alternative fuels (e.g. Ethanol, Hydrogen, Ammonia, etc.) on one side, and further limits on gas phase and particulate emissions along with carbon footprint make the development of new products very challenging.

CMCL offers a digital integrated workflow, to create a “thermodynamic digital twin” of the system under development, which will help augment measurement campaigns with high-fidelity physico-chemical modelling, assisted with advanced ML-based automated parameter estimation to cover entire operating window. This approach has been tested in industrial environment and delivered high accuracy with further benefits in time, effort and CO2 saving.

If you are interested to know more, join us at LIEF event, to be held online on 29-30 November 2021 to hear from Professor Markus Kraft, CMCL’s director and co-founder, about our offerings.