Connecting at-source emissions, the efficiency of alternative-fuelled marine engines and cross-sector Air Quality (AQ) assessments highlights our commitment to improve the maritime sector.

Improvements in operational efficiencies and reductions in the emissions footprint can be realised by accelerating the understanding of the impact of alternative fuels such as Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen (H2), Methanol (CH3OH), etc. on the marine engine efficiency and the associated emissions footprint.  

The impact of a fleet of marine vessels on the local AQ of say a port city, however, adds further complexity. In that, it becomes a cross-sector problem where the at-source emissions from ships are influenced by local weather (wind speed, wind direction, etc.), size and types of the ships, ship locations, built environment, etc.

CMCL is committed to develop and offer solutions on both aforementioned problems via its own software tools such as MoDS, kinetics & SRM Engine Suite and by leveraging multiple data sources and 3rd party open source and proprietary software. Enabling interoperability in data, software and models is realised via The World Avatar™ powered technical approach.


For example, recent work performed by Edinburgh Napier University with the MoDS and SRM Engine Suite software has been recently published in a peer-reviewed paper, exploring the potential for aqueous H2O2 as an ignition promoter in an ammonia-fuelled marine engine. The work was also summarised in a User Story.

“ The advanced physico-chemical modelling and data analytics capabilities of CMCL’s software enables us to efficiently calibrate and validate across multiple engine operating conditions for carbon-free fuelled marine applications.”

Dr Stathis Tingas
Edinburgh Napier University


To estimate local air quality by solving the cross-domain interoperability problem, The World Avatar™ powered technical approach has been deployed as a use case within DOME 4.0, an EU project on data marketplace ecosystem.

More information regarding this (as well as the live demo) can be found via The World Avatar™ website and the DOME 4.0 website.